Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Porch Perches

So I have set my heart on getting a little wicker/rattan/whatever chair for our teeny tiny front porch. I would have a bench, but unfortunately the space is too small.
I will be hitting up some stores this weekend to pick something up. Here are some top contenders:
This chair is the cheapest so far. It's from Ikea and unfortunately I believe is intended only for indoors. However, it is a covered porch, so I am hoping it will work. The color, is a little lighter than I'd like, but might work... we'll see in person!
This is another Ikea option. I like the shape a little better, and the color is a bit darker, which would probably work a little better with the color of our siding. But I am still not sure...
The last (and most expensive) of the the Ikea options, this one is the color I like best. However, I prefer the shape of the second one. This one is a bit too ornate...but actually might be more comfy with that high back... hmmm.... I dunno.

This one is from Canadian Tire and most represents what I envisioned when I started thinking about this. But, it is at the higher end of my budget. However, unlike the Ikea versions, it is actually made for outdoor use...

Lastly, this option is what I would choose if I had a bit more money. It's pretty sharp looking! Another Canadian Tire piece, the grey is lovely, but I dunno if it would work with the browns outside. Also, probably too fancy anyhow!

For cushions, I have yet to see one that screams out "I'm the one!" to me, but these are all pretty:

From Pier 1, the perfect simple, blue cushion!

For something a little softer, there's this lovely green and white paisley floral option:

Canadian Tire also has this preppy stripe that reverses to a kicky floral! Might be a bit much, but hey, I'm looking to add some life to the step, so I'll definitely be taking a peek!

Wish me luck this weekend!Align Center

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Kimberly said...

I stumbled upon your blog looking for DIY home decor ideas. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy it and have spent a few days looking thru your archives. I have a similar budget and style preferences as yours. Very cute!