Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inspiration Home - Style at Home Magazine

When I saw this picture in the latest Style at Home I couldn't help but dall in love!  This West Coast condo has the same colors and overall feel I want in our place... you know, if I had money to spend.  The living room is my favorite part, the rest of the home is gorgeous as well, take a peek:

Here's a look at the view... and of course a view into the dining room.

I adore the glam pendant they used in the dining room and am still considering something similar for our house.

While you don't see much of the kitchen, I am really liking these simple leather stools.  Throughout the home, they really allow the furniture to take a step back and the focus really go to the gorgeous artwork!

I love the sleek, simple lines of this master bedroom.  I am thinking we should go with something a little sleeker in our room.

The ensuite is so spare, but makes a statement.

Who wouldn't want to stay the night in a guest room like this?  I'd never want to leave!

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