Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hitting the ground running!

I've been battling the awful cold going around here for the last two weeks! I am back in action today with my fancy silver slippers and taking today with full force.

You would think that with all this time off at home, I would have tackled some stuff around the house, but you would be WRONG! I spent most of my time sleeping, trying to fight this sickness off, and when I was feeling well enough, i've been busy with my Princess House business, at meetings and training sessions. It's going well and I think I might just need to share some of my new fall stuff!

Other than that, we've been busy getting acquainted with our 5 month old fur baby, learing her quirks and quips and trying desperately not to have accidents in the house. It seems to be working, as we've only had one incident since we got our carpets cleaned 2 weeks ago, and that's cause I was sleeping! She's full of energy and really a funny girl, but she's starting to calm down a bit too, which is nice! We've also decided that the dog park is amazing and one of our favorite places EVER!

Today: I have a house to clean, invitations to send, an office to organize so that I can in there, be inspired and WORK! But, it's our anniversary today, so I am blowing those plans outta the water and instead, after work 1, I am going to enjoy a nice dinner at a brand new restaurant and hopefully go see "the town".

Enjoy yours!
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