Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowbunnies & updates

I apologize for the lack of real content. I've been both busy and lazy. The weather isn't helping my cause either. Our original snowfall from October had come and gone and we'd been existing with some fantastic fall weather until 2 days ago when it decided to dump HARD!

Good news; Finley loves the snow! We were worried since she didn't take so well to rain, bt she's a true little snow bunny and just wants to play!

Bad news: since we are still without a fence, we have to go out with her everytime she has to go! That includes not taking chances she's faking and just wants to play! We hope to solve this soon by re-building her temporary pen outside.

In other news, I hosted a Stella & Dot party last Friday and should be closing that shortly. I am excited for all my free jewlery and will share my loot when it comes in!

I am headed to a new product launch for <a href="">Princess House</a> tomorrow so I will be getting all my samples and seeing all the new stuff. It will have to be a secret until the new period begins but I will make sure to share photos when I can!

If you are in the Edmonton area and love free stuff, let me know! We have a HUGE Ladies Night Out coming up with THOUSANDS of dollars in giveaways! I'd love to have you come as one of my guests and check it out! Not only can you win a ton, but you can check out the new product even better if you've never heard of us! Leave me a comment or email and I will get back to you!

Other than that, it's been uber quiet on the home improvement and decor front. We have a big trip coming up so all the extra finances went to that, but I will be starting my holiday decorating soon enough so stay tuned for those details!

Stay warm!
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