Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chair-ity Case

I mentioned a while back that we are looking for some new dining room chairs.  Well, actually new furniture for the entire mainfloor actually... but most certainly new chairs.

I know that I absolutely want to go with an upholstered style, but haven't yet completely commited to something.  Here are a few that I am contemplating, that I can get through our designer at work.

My favorite of the bunch is this:
In tufted white leather, its the easiest to clean of the bunch!  Plus, I love the bright white which looks so clean!

Next up, this style is very similar and the linen fabric is super elgant.  I really love the nailhead detail on these to add just a little sparkle!

I really like the silver velvet on these and the fact that the shape is a little different.  However, I am not sure if I would love the little lip the "arms" would make....

This cream Parsons style is the simplest of the bunch, but I think might be a little TOO SIMPLE...

Last up, this style has a nice shape and the lovely nailhead detailing that I like.  The tufting detail adds a little pattern and texture, however the color might just be too dark.

Chairs from Sunpan Imports   and Van Gogh

Any favorites?  Know of something else similar you might recommend instead?

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