Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have a Seat..... NO WAIT - DON'T!!!

We love entertaining.  Unfortunately, it's come to the point that our furniture (the stuff I bought when I first moved out on my own...) isn't really up to snuff for having people over.

Don't get me wrong, it's all served us well but let's face it - It was cheap (all I could afford) and while it looked great back then, is looking a little worse for wear now. 
Not to mention, isn't necessarily working with the new house, or my current style.

Let's start with the dining set:
Yeah, it's not too bad from here.  But the finish on everything is a reddish color which doesn't work with the dark wood floors or cabinets.  Plus, it's super glossy, which reflects every smudge, crumb, kitty foot print. 
The table however, is salvageable.  It's sturdy and a nice size for our space.  It just needs to be refinished, so that will eventually get a makeover.

The chairs however will NOT be making the cut. 
The style is just not working for me.  Plus most of them are actually cracked from some of our heavier guests.  Not to mention the seats....

Yes, I realize it would take me all of 10 minutes to re-cover these babies, but why go through the trouble for something I don't want to begin with?

So, moving on - there's our sofa and loveseat.  I actually really love the style. 
Plus, they are pretty comfy.
However, several years later, they are in rough, rough shape. 

I will spare you the photos that make you think we are disgusting, but here are some sneaks:

Obviously comfy, they might not be the right style for the space.. I'm not sure.  Plus, the high arms make using end tables difficult!

A once bad kitty, did this to them...

While it may be difficult to see in this sunny photo, but they are also permanently stained in spots.  Like that dark corner there.  No, that's not a shadow, it's dirt from 2 cats and a dog.  Also, most likely Cory.  (they were never this dirty when I lived alone... for almost 2 years....just saying!)

Lastly, the beigey tones aren't working so well with all the bright white I love! 
I am however, unsure if that means I need something colored or something white....?

Plus, I think convincing Cory that something white (however washable) would be a good idea...

So, with my dirty little secrets shared I am now on the look out for new soft furniture for our main floor.  Unfortunately, we don't really have the budget to buy all new stuff, so I will be scouring for deals and steals and hopefully finding things I can alter myself.
Feel free to drop a line if you have some ideas or some great finds that you think might work!

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heather lea said...

two words--couch cover. they are inexpensive and they make all the difference. also, you said you didn't like how high the arm rests are. see that panel? you could remove that. throw a cover on and it's brand new. this is my first time to your blog, but it seems like you like nice, clean lines. i think a few splashes of color would really make your room POP! you could get a white couch cover or and cover the pillows with a bright color or two, or have your couch pop as a more bold or bright color.

good luck :)