Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wanted: Calm space to work in

Bah!  Life is a blur right now!  I've been so busy with my new business.  I haven't had time to clean, let alone make any changed around here!  So that explains the lack of posts!

But I've cracked down on my schedule effective immediately, so you can expect more of me soon!

Cory is out with the laptop and this computer is broken so I can't download any photos to show you what's been going on, so I will share with you one inspiration shot.  It's inspiring me to make a change in my life.  In my work, in my home and obviously in our decor.

I wish I could give credit but apparently I didn't make note of it.  If anyone knows where this is from, please let me know so I can update it.
Calm, serene, ornate, BEAUTIFUL!!

I am officially on the hunt for antique gilt frames for our stairwell!

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