Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wallpapering: Part 1

The wallpapering was suppossed to be started and finished today.  Unfortunately, that never happened.

We fully intended for it, I mean, we started.....  But then the following happened:

1. I had bought 2 rolls.  They weren't from the same lot however.  We noticed the 2nd roll looked different when we bought it... but attributed that to the light.  Wrong move.  The look we wanted was silver damask on grey/blue.  We have gold damask on aqua.  DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT! 

I was about to run out and buy more when Cory worked his mathematical "magic" and decided that we could do the one wall with only 1 roll...PERFECT!  So we set to work rolling out, matching pattern and cutting.
2. ... except he forgot to take into consideration that we needed to match patterns.  Matching patterns means lots of wastage.  Especially if you don't have 2 rolls......

So we admitted defeat for the night (it was too late  to go out and buy more anyhow).

But since I think all good posts need a picture or two, I will leave you with some pretty wallpapered spaces from other places!

Hopefully, we will get the papering finished by the end of the week!  Wish me better luck this time!

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