Monday, October 18, 2010

Flirty and Feminine!

I got the new Pier 1 flyer at work today and was surprisingly taken by this beauty:

When I showed out designer at work, she laughed and said it was hideous!  But I don't care!

There's something about the pretty colors and feminine floral pattern, paired with the flirty little ruffled skirt that makes me want to sit here and paint my toenails!

If I had a walk-in closet of my own, this for sure would be keeping me company!

Admit it, is there something a little "ridiculous" that you love and don't care what other people think?


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I like that little chair! I am decorating our new little home in alot of vintage and alot of PINK. And I do not care what anyone thinks! Great post!
Have a pretty day!

Jessica said...

I love the ruffled skirt. And I love that you didn't let the designers opinion hamper your vision!

Soul Pretty said...

Oh, I love that chair...