Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming Clean!

Two things happened today:

1. I cleaned the office.  Just yesterday, you could barely get in the door, let alone see the floor or find anything.  What prompted me to do this?

Well, let's just say that this little lady isn't so great at alerting anyone that she needs to go outside.... and unfortunately had been making quite the mess of our carpets.
Fortunately/unfortunately for us, she doesn't really bark or whine....

Needless to say, it was starting to smell a little like pee on our upper level - and that just wasn't working for me.  So today, a carpet cleaning company came and saved us from having to eventually rip up the carpets. 

Now, our upstairs floors look like this:
This is Finley's room/Guest room that will soon be getting a little makeover.

This is the main hallway, which was the worst looking area!  (there was also an incident at pur housewarming party the involved ketchup chips and too much to drink....)

Our bedroom wasn't bad, but it's nice to know I can play with the animals on the floor up here now without worry!

The landing also had it's fair share of stains.

TA DA!  Fresh and clean.

Thank you carpet cleaning man for getting everything out.  I love that our house smells fresh and clean like Lemongrass and can't wait for it to dry!
Unfortunately, I feel bad I had to short you $50 for scratching my kitchen floor and trying to charge me for something you didn't tell me was extra!

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