Thursday, August 21, 2008

Traditional Home - Showhomes - Single Gal's Pad

Traditional Home does it again and wows me with another home. This time, a single gal home. The article actually said that the gal who lived here would be a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Marie Antoinette!!!! I LOVE IT!! Although, when decorating the space, they fashioned it for a redhead. Move over Carrot-top, this brunette wants to move into the space.

A lot of the stuff in this space would be perfect in my home. I love how vivacious it is, and the abundant use of blue!!!

This cozy living room would be an ideal place to chill and have some bellinis before heading out for the night. ( I love this and since mine is similar, will be stealing ideas to finish my room)

Tucked away in a corner, this vintage secretary is where this single gal would sit and pay bills, but she's not devoting a whole room to her "office" as her social life is far too busy to bring work home with her. It's more a place to showcase her collections.

The fireplace is probably rarely used, but a nice touch for when you have dinner dates! I'd probably throw a flokati in front to get that dreamy feel!

The dining and living room share an open space, so fitting that the same style is carried throughout. This single gal probably doesn't cook much, but orders take-out and transports it into beautful bowls for serving her dinner guests!!

The galley kitchen is small ( well big for a single gal) but has an interior window so she can check on her guests as she prepares more drinks!!

A girl's gotta have her pantry staples!! Sparking pink lemondae, yogurt covered pretzels and macarooms are pretty enough to display!!!

A gas range boils water for tea.... and maybe catered dinners??

A true girls girl, this single gal's bedroom reflects her dreamy side. Robin's egg blue is reminiscent of every girl's fave store, and that ceiling bling is the icing on the cake.

Pretty details add a special touch

A pretty chair for sitting in while doing up those strappy heels!!

Gotta have a big bathtub for soaking those tired feet after a long night out!!

And for that once in a while overnight guest - best friend from college or maybe even mom - you have to have a beautiful room she can retreat too. This one's nice and neutral so even if your younger brother has to stay with you when he gets evicted, he'll feel at home and take care to keep it tidy!!

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Jules said...

I love the painting in the dining room...any ideas who did it?