Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Traditional Home does Concept Homes - Atlanta Professional Couple

Traditional Home is featuring 3 show homes. Each home has a "target homeowner" in mind, when they designed it.

This feature is the first of three that are just beautiful.

This home is geared towards a young, professional couple with no children. They have elegant, clean taste and probably enjoy spending their evenings watching documentaries on their TiVo and enjoying great wine. This couple has a home perfect for dinner parties.

I know Cory and I would love a home like this:

With an exterior like this, you know only good stuff is going to be found inside... wonder the price??

Love curved staircases and I love a big round table for the front entrance. A great place to throw keys, etc.

The painted this Hickory Chair cabinet, a bright red which I think looks so sharp, and would be perfect as a bar.

A pretty neutral room, this would be perfect for entertaining. Very chic, with pops of color and lots of seating options, and tables strewn about for resting drinks and cocktail plates!

Since I envision one of them as a gourmet cook, this kitchen is perfect and with no kids, eating at the bar would be sufficient.

This cozy family room is a great place to curl up and either read a book by the fire or watch some tv. I love how they again kept it neutral, adding a little sing with pattern, like in this chair!

A home office for a couple as chic as this two, would be restraint but certainly free of Ikea furniture and a great place to take a phone call.

A master suite that isn't fussy or too frilly for this couple. I love how they tied together the adjoining dressing area and master bath with the graphic, yet neutral fabric.

And because a couple this chic loves to entertain, I'm sure their spare bedroom would multi-task as both a guest bedroom and den with daybed to curl up on for watching tv.

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Little Secrets said...

please where can I find the round table ... gorgeous look ...