Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pops of Color

I have a house full of neutrals. It makes Cory happy, plus until we move into our house where I know we will stay for a while, it makes no sense to buy new furniture. I'd like to think that anything we buy now, will work in a new place, but I know that I'm gonna want all new things, and really, I'm so spastic, that I like to change my mind about what I want anyhow.... so the neutrals works for me - currently.....

I'd like to think though that in a new space, I'd have a little more courage to go out and try some of the fun pieces I found today - I'd like to think that if I kept it limited to one piece per room, I'd be able to pull some of these off!

My favorite piece is this bright red stool from Pier 1 - this would be the easiest piece to incorporate. It would work with a row of matching friends at a kitchen island, or simply on it's own in any room of the house. This would look perfect in a front entrance with books stacked ontop, and a potted orchid atop of that!!

This beautiful blue bookshelf from Pier 1 would be an easy addition to my office, with my all black funiture. I'd love it with a set of beautiful white leather hardcover books with gold lettering. yummy!!!

Got a cute little breakfast nook that needs some livening up? This little table is it!!! Or have you always dreamed of putting in an island but don't want something too permanent? This tabletop would add to your workspace!

I see this bench in a front entrance. An entry way that also features a beautiful zebra skin rug. Yup. The neutral cushion could be traded out as well, but I like the cream to tone it down!

This nightstand would fare better off in a sitting room - with a large brass lamp on top.

Very Miami beach!

While not necessarily "bright" this gold wood stump side table from West Elm, would be a chic addition to any living room.

A Robin's egg blue ceramic garden stool from The Cross would look perfect even with the stuff I have now, although I think my sofas are too tall for this little stool to function as a table.

I'm using this photo of a room off Elle Decor as inspiration!!

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