Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homes to be lived in

As much as I love looking at some of the beautiful homes in Decor Magazines, often times, they are just too "done" for my liking. I love a home that actually looks like it would be comfortable to be in, where I could flop down on the sofa and not worry about spilling my pop or knocking over a priceless Ming vase. At our house, with Cory, myself and the two kitties, we can't take ourselves too seriously, otherwise we wouldn't be able to enjoy our home.

Here are a couple homes that I think look completely livable, and would live up to our test. Plus, they're nice to look at too! :)

This family room, by Candace Olson is totally fantastic. It looks chic, but something that they everyday family would be able to afford and work with!

Real people have stuff!! I'm glad that this designer is making use of the built-ins and filling them with real possessions and not just "items" to collect dust.

The space has pretty minimal furnishings, and despite the midcentury modern look, is practical and not too fussy.

This gorgeous little kitchen, is how most families I know, really eat. In little breakfast nooks. With moderate sized kitchens. Again, love the vintage furniture!!

this reminds me a lot of my living room. I mean it looks nothing like it. But it's comfy, coordinated, and there is juice on the table, and books. Plus, even with all the furniture, it's looks cozy, not full.

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