Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream Bathroom

Okay, so what could be more awesome than having a bathroom that accomodates BOTH you and your significant others needs and still look beautiful??? Absolutely nothing - having the budget to get a room that looks like this one, would be my first hope though.

(From Traditional Home)

Imagine having this as the sight when you walk into your master bath!!! Holy cow!! We are so craving a bathtub for two!! I love this!!

A closer look at the "Artwork" slash visual attraction behind the tub that is a mural created out of glass tile!!!! This polynesian scene is so awesome and sets the mood for a very zen bathroom. That features a "Hers" and "His" side.

Her side has a beautiful vanity, dressing area and yet another tub/shower. Love the pretty colors and the asian theme is carried throughout.

His side features a lot of dark wood (everything is made to look like furniture). Note the spaces next to the toilet for "reading material" sheesh.... As well, a steam shower with chromatheraphy lights and sound system!!

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Linda Leyble said...

Hi - Love your blog and I just love those bathrooms! The bath surround is a great idea (the x's boxed ones) - I have to file that somewhere! I remember seeing those beautiful mosaic pieces of art in the magazine. Thanks for reminding me of them!

Linda Leyble