Monday, August 11, 2008

Reminiscent of Cotton Candy

This weekend we had the pleasure of heading out to the lake. As has always been my tradition, I need some reading material to accompany me on the drive. Since Cory let me know that it was barely an hour out there, I figured one would be ok and made the decision to pick up the August issue of Domino

Having cancelled my magazine subscriptions (all of them) last year when money was tight... I miss getting fun stuff in the mail. Plus, I rarely treat myself to a magazine.... so when I do, I try to choose wisely.

This issue did not disappoint - most noteably was the home of Katie Ukrop. Her feminine, Southern home was a treat!! Swathed in cool pastels, the colors found throughout: white, baby pink and robin's egg blue remind me of a sweet treat!!
Surprisingly, even with lots of pink scattered about, the bf said he didn't mind the house. I may have to slowly start working elements into our home!!

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