Friday, August 22, 2008

Traditional Home Showhome - Picture Perfect Family

Okay, so here's the last installment of showhomes from this Atlanta neighbourhood. And I'm sure you can guess what type of client this one was designed for - yuppers a FAMILY!!

Now don't get me wrong - this is still an upscale family home. It's the type I hope to have that doesn't scream "children live here", but still is comfortable enough to accomodate them.

Unfortunately, I could not get all the pics of the home, as my links wouldn't work, but here's an idea:

This living area would be perfect in a home with children. It's pretty but still comfy and there's nothing too precious to get broken. Unfortaunately, the family room is not here but I will keep searching and update it if I find it!!

A large kitchen is key as I am sure there will be little ones playing at your feet while you're cooking. Plus, since kitchen's always seem to be the "hub" of a family home, this will accomodate everyone and make prep for a large family dinner a snap!

The oppossite end of the kitchen serves as a perfect workstation!!! Love this idea. You can keep an eye on the kids as they do homework as you cook!! Plus it's a great place to post your calendar and keep track of everyone in the household's activities and schedules!

Dining rooms for families are formal, but not stuffy. This one is great!! Plus looks like it could accomodate quite a few more!!

Clearly, this retreat is geared towards the lady of the home, and I love it!! The silvery blue and white with those port-hole mirrors!! yaya!!

This master bath has all the luxuries, but looks comfortable. A great place to unwind!!

The little boys room is great!! While still beautiful, his room is functional. The day bed looks cozy to curl up and read a good book with mom in!!

To prove that children's room don't always have to look "juvenile" this little lady's palace is still girly, but very grown up. A room she can keep for years!!

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