Friday, August 8, 2008

Oprah's Favorite Designer - Nate Berkus

If you watch Oprah, you'll know that she loves Designer Nate Berkus . And if you frequently shop at Linens 'n things, you've probably come across his namesake home line. (which I love cause of the pretty Caribean blue colors)

He's also done some pretty amazing room transformations for some of Oprah's viewers.

Here's a sneak peek at a teeny tiny apartment that he transformed into a magical, usable space:



Nate lists his Decorating Essentials as:

  • Cool lamps
  • New wall hangings
  • Sea Life
  • A Unique Chair
  • Framed Notes
  • Interesting Books
  • Vacation Mementos

1 comment:

chriskauf said...

I so agree , I love Nate he is a genious .
Its nice to see another Canadian Girl out there , I wish they had blogs when I was just a young pup like you , I started at the ripe age of 34 , what a great thing to have , god I sound old right about now , I am gonna go get in my rocker now......;)