Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chic Boston Home

I believe this is from Traditional Home but I apologize if I am wrong
, since I didn't make note of it:

This chic townhouse is a little more formal than I usually like but has a lot of interesting pieces, and isn't too precious, which helps make it seem a little more eclectic and comfy!!

I love a regal looking front door, and this one's been livened with some plants!!

I like that even though this room is smaller, they still have it chock full of pieces.

Big surprise - I love the cream and blue color scheme. My fave items: iron globe sculpture, mirrored armoire, blue garden stool

I love a French style kitchen with an amazing apron sink!! (sigh)

The den is a lot more masculine but still keeps with the same theme of the rest of the home.

This bedroom is not really my style at all, a little too busy, but reminds me of a nice little cottage.

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Stephanie M Larsen said...

I love this home with it's tall regal walls and yet still quaint style. Fun blog, glad I came across it!