Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nate Berkus' Home

Whilst bloggin around, I came across some photos of the Apartment of Nate Berkus, whom I wrote about the other day. I was a little surprised at how neutral it was... for some reason I have this notion that all decorator's homes are gonna be completely outlandish and completely DECORATED. I think this home looks completely comfortable, and looks like it's lived in, nevermind, completely attainable
Love the worn patina of the dresser/entry console

The wall treatment has leather inserts... I love how he's going for the old worn, lived-in home thing.

What could be a better decor accessory than books??

While I typically enjoy an island, I like that he's working without one here.

I heart this dining room. So simple, and I like that despite the fact he COULD fit a dozen chairs, but has kept it simple with just the four.

His home office is totally chic, but completely not practical for me, I have too much clutter for such an open area!

A perfect masculine bedroom that does not scream bachelor!

What gal wouldn't love a closet like this?? Look at the space for the shoes!

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Kueckelhan Photography said...

Thanks for the photos of Nate's home. Always curious how the pros decorate.
Refreshing to see understated instead of over the top. Attainable gives me hope for my own home.