Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eclectic Living Spaces

There's one thing about single living that I miss:

Being able to decorate my home any way I like. In theory, Cory kinda lets me do whatever, but I know he prefers things a little more toned-down than I would like. When I ask what colors he'd like to see in a room, he says, brown, beige, taupe, etc. If you were to ask me the same question - turquoise, lime, fuschia, lilac, chocolate and other neutrals.
So I kinda give in, and take a more subtle approach to decorating our home. However, my single gal home featured a more outgoing, feminine room. Here are some rooms that I love, but simply know would probably elicit a "no" from Cory lol

I think this would be a hard sell as there is so much pink!!! He doesn't mind the zebra though....

This one wouldn't be too bad... especially as it would be pefect for an office sitting area

I could probably get away with everything but the God Save the Queen picture {Living Etc.}

This is do-able.... but I'd have to trick him by spacing the throw pillows out more lol

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