Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dining Room Bonanza

On my wishlist for our future new house: a seperate dining room. Here are some that I heart.

Wouldn't it rock if the dining room also had a fireplace. I love that this is dark and sooo comtemporary!

I regularly don't care for orange, but this one looks pretty cool, and spicy!!

I love all the elements in this one and that it is neutral and still colorful all at the same time!! Chippendale chairs, gorgeous lantern, farmhouse style table and bright artwork. YAY!!

This one is probably the style I would go for - silvery blue walls, airy drapes and oversized lighting. Great pairing of chairs and table. This could look both formal or casual.

Lately, I am loving the pairing of dark tables and light chairs. This is no exception!!!

Although, in my head since I was little, I alwaus dreamy of a dining room like this one. More formal and incorporating my fave color. I don't love everything about this room, but I would take certain elements and make it work for me!

(all Images from Point Click Home - Elle Decor)


Maddie said...

I love love love the 'silvery grey' room with the silvery drapes and cream solid chairs....but that TABLE has GOT to go. How can only one thing spoil such a beautiful room. It's not that I don't like the's just so out of place. It doesn't accent, it overpowers.

Nathalie said...

I LOVE the last one! My sis and I just stained our table and we're going for a similar color scheme.

Can't wait until we're done!

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with the comment about the silvery blue walls and drapes photo..I think both the table and oversized lighting are the perfect pieces for that room. Since the paint color, drapes and chairs are so airy, I think the table and lighting fixture gave this room the bold touch it needed. They stand out so well, in a good way, not overpowering at all! The table is a great architectural feature and the lighting fixture looks like it could be artwork...both are beautiful to look at:)