Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to chic up your table

I love a good dinner party. When I was younger, I longer for the day when I had my own place and could throw parties for all my friends..... mind you I don't cook, but I'm sure that in my fantasy that didn't matter, as you can throw anything on a chic white platter and no one would know the difference. Another thing I love doing is creating chic centerpieces, so that even if your turkey is dry..... at least there is something pretty to look at!!

Here are a few that I think are just awesome!!! And they are a little different than just plain flowers!!

(House Beautiful)

(All others courtesy of Domino)

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Linette said...

Excellent post! Where do i get that mirrored console and white peacock! I've had this picture in my room aspiring to make my home look like it but cant find the stuff anywhere. Any ideas?