Friday, August 8, 2008

Simple but Stunning

I guess it's pretty hard to define my decor style. I mean, really, I love good ole' farmhouse chic where everything is white-washed and cottagey. I love the whole Hollywood Regency theme, despite it's over abundance of everything. 70's playboy style pads with their smooth lines, white laquer, glass and leather make me smile. Bohemian, eclectic spaces with bright colors and vintage pieces strewn about make my heart flutter.

What I love about our home is that I've chosen to marry everything about decor that makes me happy and incorporate it into a place that is comfortable, livable, warm, welcoming and peaceful. It is not cluttered, nor is it too spare and minimalistic. I've chosen to purchase all our base pieces in warm neautrals ( which Cory appreciates) but inject my personality through our artwork and other accessories.

But there is something about these homes below that is so simple, it makes me smile.

I've loved glass tile since I was a teenager.

White Bathrooms are so fresh and clean

Here's making the most of a small balcony. This makes me want to ditch everything on mine and head to Ikea for a simple wooden table and some ice buckets!!!

Despite all the neutrals, I don't find this boring or too precious - a perfect lived-in dining space

{Courtesy of Domino}

Love Love Love this yummy kitchen. Even though it is far too "mature" looking - I heart it so much!!!

Who wouldn't love to chill on this chaise in this gigantic bathroom, with the sunlight filtering through.... ahhhh!

{Courtesy of House Beautiful}

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