Monday, November 30, 2009

Sarah's Holiday Party - Review

I was uber excited last week when I saw the preview for "Sarah' s Holiday Party", hosted by the wonderful Sarah Richardson, and her helped Tommy Smythe. I set the DVR to record it yesterday afternoon!

When I went to watch it, around 4.... I found that something had happened, and it had not recorded :( So I searched for the next viewing, and set it to tape again. Thankfully, it worked, and I watched it when Cory fell asleep.

I have to say though, I was a little disappointed at first, because I thought the hour long segment was the same as what's I'd seen in last year's Canadian House & Home Magazine. Upon closer inspection, they were different, so I was glad!!

I was however, excited to hear about all her prep work! It was pretty cool seeing how a Canadian Design Icon gets ready for her big fetes.

They tackled everything : decorating indoors and out, making stockings from scratch, trimming the tree, baking yummy treats, creating an Advent tree, jazzing up cocktail napkins, shopping for groceries, and setting up your buffet.

While the Holiday decor style Ms. Richardson chose for her own home was definetly not my taste... more Easter/Spring colors than Christmas if you ask me... but she had some handy tips and tricks.

Jazzing up plain cocktail napkins

Since Sarah's party had a guest list of 200, it can get a little pricey to rent linens, and I'm doubting anyone has that many matching ones.... So she uses paper cocktail ones. In order to dress them up a bit, she embosses hers!!

She invested in a "seal", like what Corporations use to stamp legal documents, which she said cost about $125.00 (still a bit much for my budget), and had it customized with her and her husband Alexander's names around a "Y" for his last name (and her personal last name).
*Very cute idea! Would a stamping embosser work??

Tree Trimming tips:

While Sarah's tree-style is much different than mine, she had 2 good tips:

~ Have the same person place all balls of one color, to make sure they are responsible for proper and even disbursement. (As we saw, this method goes completely out the window, when children are helping )

~ Place any metallic or reflective ornaments nearer the inside of the tree, which will help to reflect the lights out.

Making Stockings:
One thing Sarah mentioned, that I was not aware of, is that cutting felt with Pinking Shears, ensures that it will not fray!!! Did NOT know that. I'm off to buy a pair myself tonight!
What's next for Sarah and gang?
Season 3 of Sarah's House airs March 2010!!!! A new show, Sarah 101 starts filiming in January, and they hope to have Sarah's House Season 4 in early 2011!!
Photo Credit: Canadian House & Home


Amy said...

OMG, you are sooo lucky to get her shows. I live in the US & we only get the older shows (we currently are viewing Sarah's House 2), so that tells you how far behind we are. I wish I could see her holiday special, signed jealous in the USA! -Amy

Holly said...

Ooooh I was watching as well! I LOVED the wood stack at her front door! I am thinking next year I may bring more wood home from the cabin and try that out. You're right about the colors though, a little too trendy. But all in all, really fun. Her and Tommy seem like they would be a blast to hang out with.

RoRoMom said...

Thanks so much for links! Be sure to click on our Christmas & Holiday Guide at for more party inspiration and photos, including Sarah's place!

Thanks again, Lisa Murphy