Monday, November 23, 2009

white + bright

I'm not typically a fan of all-white homes. I feel they have a tendancy to lack character, that's so important in one's home.
This home in Style at Home does not fall into that category. The owner of this home, used plenty of bright, vibrant colors to showcase the family's personality. I love it!

The living room is still pretty austere, but the use of many different textures, adds layers!

In the den, there's no absence of playful colors! I love that the furniture is all very simple in shape, to really let the accessories POP!

The kitchen is a little too stark for my liking, but would really help to open up a space, that perhaps didn't have a lot of natural light...

I absolutely adore this little vignette!! That apple is so perfect!! LOVE THIS!

The dining room, is the perfect backdrop for some great themed parties. While this ladies casino night, isn't my style, the chandelier is!! I could just imagine the gorgeous tablescapes I could set on this all white background!

What do you think? Could you live with all white?

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