Friday, November 13, 2009

meet the snailskies

If you're from around here, you'll recognize the reference to a local cable provider's commercials... If not, then you should realize I just mean SLOW!

Yes, that's how things have been progressing around here lately!
As in lots of things started, nothing getting finished. Yuck! I hate waiting...

Okay, so here's what we're working on:
~ the exterior Christmas lights are about 2/3 done. However, the only reason they are not finished it strictly due to the fact that this week, it suddenly started getting dark at 4PM, and I get home an hour later..they will be completed Sunday!

~Cory finally started assembling the metal shelving for the garage. But he's lazy so it's not in place, and i'm waiting for him to do that today, so I can load up the shelves tonight!

~Cory has some time off, during which he's promised to start sanding down my coffee table. I will pick up the stain on Sunday and get to work next week, if not on Sunday as well.

~ Cory also said he'd sand my new (vintage) lamp so I can take it from ugly to lovely. I also started looking for a new shade for it - a gigantic white drum shade! Unfortunately, I've not found one that works yet.... but this one should be completed by end of next week... Fingers crossed!

~ I unwrapped the new thermostat last night. I'm a little scared and realized i'd need Cory's help turning off the power at the fuse box to do the install...he wasn't home. By monday at the latest!

~ a special Christmas project is in the works. I bought the supplies, and then shipped them off to Cory's friend, who has a special part needed to make it work. Unfortunately, Cory has been off work for a few days, so I gotta wait for that!

Okay, well I guess I've identified the problem... Waiting on a man! I know, you're probably wondering why I can't do these things myself? Well the shelves are super heavy, and I can't be anywhere near the metal on concrete scraping sound. Plus, I can't be anywhere near sandpaper, it creeps me out!

I'd love to be able to finish things myself, i'd get so much more done. But instead, I wait!

Next week I officially start my Christmas projects as well! Excited for that!

How about you? Any projects that have been taking far longer to finish than they should? Share the details! Oh, and officially set a fur date, it'll help!

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