Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Reviews

I volunteer with an Organization that offers a lot of free stuff, including mucho tickets to movies and local events. A few weeks ago, I was one of many lucky winners in a draw for passes to a Sneak Preview of the soon to be released movie The Blind Side . I was a little worried that Cory would hate me for dragging him along. Especially when we got to the theatre, and it was full of families, young kids and a lot of girls!!! Whoops!

However, this movie was actually, really, really good!!

Based on a true story, this one had me almost in tears at many points! Also, Cory really liked it!! Guess it was all the football,!! So, if you're looking for a nice couple's movie, and don't wanna see the usual action-packed flick, to accomodate your better-half, this is a good choice!!

However, if action is more your thing ( or your hubby's that is..) we also just saw 2012 . I have to admit, I was leary of seeing it, cause in my head it was something else, involving aliens or something of that nature. But Cory convinced me I'd be interested, so I tagged along. I was pleasantly surprised! It could be that the story line was nothing I was thinking it would be though.... but there was a nice combo of action, comedy and romance!!

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