Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Showhome Style Inspiration

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. We've been busy. and sick, and busy and sick again.... :(
The good news is that we're slowly making progress made on some projects that I've been saying I've wanted to finish for a very long time!

However, since the garage is still full of sawdust, and most of the projects are "in the works!", I'll instead share with you, some inspiration photos from one of my favorite magazines, Style at Home .

This showhome, which was decorated "on a budget", is so gorgeous, and exactly what I would do to the space, if I had more money to buy all new stuff!! Love it!!

This sitting room is gorgeous! Love the artwork and the armless furniture selections, which help the room look so much larger. The mirrored tables also help to reflect space!

This great room is gorgeous. The mantel reminds me of mine. I've been thinking of doing bookshelves on either side... might have to try this. My only problem with this space.... no t.v!! Realistically, a great room would have one!

This dining room shot, was what caught my attention!! Loving the juxtaposition of dark woods with all that white! Love the upholstered chairs. Love the china cabinet! I'm gonna have to re-evaluate my space tonight!

The designer wanted both regular and glass fronted cabinets... but it was getting too pricey. So they found a company that has doors, with both a single panel, and a piece of glass!! What a great idea. I might have to look into those...

The feature only showed this "girls" bedroom. But it could quite easily be a masterbedroom, if the scale of some of the furniture was changed.

**This showhome also inspired me to rid my rooms of clutter, and really pare down accessories!**

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