Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Basement Envy

Over here, we've started talks about our basement development. While any large projects propbably won't start til next spring, if not later, we've decided to at least get the electrical situation started fairly soon.

That means, we pretty much need to fully design and furnish everything on paper, so that we can figure out where furniture is going to go, so we can decide where we want outlets, and where the switches will go, and where we need lighting, and what type of lighting, etc. etc. etc.

So, despite pretty much having a clear vision in MY head... that means I need to help Cory visualize something that only exists in my head...Good luck!

Since the space is super small, I plan on doing my darndest to make sure space is maximized, there is plenty of storage, and items are multi-purpose. Well lucky for me, one of the latest Style at Home had a very cute basement development feature that really maximized everything.

Here's a peek:

This is the BEFORE shot. Looks like a lot of basements I know... in fact we have an area in ours that looks quite similar!

This sofa multi-tasks, as it has storage, but the sectional can also sleep overnight guests! It's also the perfect for this space!

Across from the sofa there's a great little desk. But that floral artwork... is actually the T.V!!! What a great idea to maximize the space underneath!

Talk about an amazing craft room! This room has walls of cabinetry, and keeping everything against the walls, leaves plenty of floorspace, to throw an island in the middle for workspace!

Don't you wish you were this organizes behind closed doors?

The downstairs bath is simple, but let's light flow through the space, and it's hard to tell this is in a basement!!

So what do you think? This basement looks larger than mine... but I will definetly be taking note on how to maximize my space!

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