Tuesday, November 10, 2009

poorly lit

Well, my post for yesterday, got lost with my thoughts last night... so here's a weekend re-cap:

Saturday, I went out shopping to spend some of the birthday gift cards I had amassed. I spent an obscene amount of money buying all new ornaments and lights for my tree, to get a whole new color scheme this year. We also hit up a birthday party that night.

Sunday, my plan to hang out with friends was foiled, and I was still too sick to get togethere with Rebecca, so I went out alone and visited the new showhome of the house some friends are buying ( so jealous!). Then I headed home and got started on some work in the garage.

First up, I repaired a mug that had it's handle broken off.... I'm excited to share more projects with the product I used, soon!

I finished painting the porch trees, and they are now sitting in matching glossy black pots! I planned on taking BEFORE and AFTER pics, but got excited and started before I had the chance. You'll have to wait until the Christmas porch is finished for photos though......

I also figured that since Cory works every weekend, I'd be hard-pressed to get another nice weekend to get the Christmas lights hung, and started them a little late in the afternoon. I got 2/3 of the LED lights hung before it was too dark, and too cold to finish. I planned on finishing them and hanging the icicles as well yesterday after work, but apparently it has hit that time of year, when it is already dark before you get off work..... so the lights will have to wait until the weekend to be finished!!

I went searching for the foam for the storage ottoman, but couldn't find it in the garage.... so that project has been put back on hold, until I can either find the foam, or have a chance to buy more!

Here are projects I have on board for the rest of the week:

~ install our new electronic thermostat. Seems easy enough, however I am worried that I will screw it up, hence the hesitation on starting....

~ I've gotta figure out my Christmas card list, and then see what I have in my stock, and make whatever cards I still need!

~ there's a special Christmas project I want to start this week, however it needs the assistance of a man with a carbon fibre drill bit.... so I hope to get the supplies tonight so Cory can take them with him to work tomorrow, and bring them back the next day for me!

~ a new lamp is hopefully gonna get a new coat of paint this week! I've already starting searching for the perfect shade to take this project from Shabby to Chic!

~ I'll share how to re-pot plant cuttings to salvage dying plants. I've got a couple vases full of cuttings with some great new roots!

Anyhow, that's it for now. Check in this week to see how I'm progressing through my to-do list!

Enjoy your day!!

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