Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cute Christmas Gift Tags

Last night, Cory and I got very productive! While waiting for friends to finish dinner and head over, he headed to the garage to work on a project for me, and I headed upstairs to get crafty!

On Friday, while cleaning my desk at work, in preparation for our big office move. I came across these cute, glittery snowman die-cuts. Not sure why we had them, but there were 12 of them, and no one seemed to need them, so into my bag they went.

I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to use them for until I got home! They were the perfect size for gift tags!

So tonight, I got out my handy little punch to put a tiny little hole in his hat. Then looped through some linen thread, leaving the ends long, so I could attach them to the gift's ribbon!

In my head, I really wanted these to look professional, so I wanted a great little greeting. I kept saying to Cory, "shoot, I need a little to and from stamp".... then it dawned on me.....


So I raced over to the stamp drawer, and rifled through a few sets before I found it! PERFECT!!

I used Staz-on to stamp the greeting. Cory was the smart one who suggested I move the stamp over a bit to leave room for writing the names in!!

Now, they are exactly what I was envisioning! I can't wait to buy and wrap the first gifts, so I can use these!!!

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