Friday, November 27, 2009

just an everday posts

Nothing homey to report today. We weren't home last night to work on anything company Christmas party was last night.

I have however received promise from Cory that he will do his handy-man part and work on a new project for me tonight.
It shouldn't take too long, but he's never done it before... And it could potentially be dangerous, so i'm heading off to the gym lol.
It's a Christmas decoration that a friend of ours makes, i'm gonna knock it off!

But that's not all! In addition to that, I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow, and we have a date to get started on Christmas decorating this weekend! December 1st is usually my timeline, but since it's midweek this year, and our weekends are pretty full after this, it only made sense to start a few days early!

I've got a new theme and all new lights and decorations this year, so i'm eager to see how things will turn out, and how I fix them when I realize I hate them...
The camera is charged and i'm poised to take tons of pics!

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