Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've got a million projects on the go right now, But since I have project ADD, they're all stuck in some stage of production right now. So I figured I'd share something that is finished. This recent card workshop I designed for a 14 year old (she wanted bday cards, mine are mostly thank yous). (excuse the photos... blogger keeps turning them sideways....)

Citrus Slice Card
My current new fave card! And so simple!!
+Stamp citrus slice in orange, yellow and lime on white cardstock . Haphazardly stamp on your greeting.
+Attach to slightly larger black matte
+ Wrap black ribbon around double matted piece
+stick to card base
+stamp a citrus slice on scrap; cut out; use pop-up dot to attach to card, overlapping slightly

Primary Birthday Card

This is my attempt at a card for a 14 year old boy... I have very few "masculine" stamp sets... and prefer to do something a little more girly.... I struggle with these. But Rebecca really liked this, and made 2 of them! It was super easy.

+First off, I stamped the cake image onto a white scrap in blue, and then the "happy birthday" greeting in red. I used a marker to color in some detail on the cake (which I regret now...).

+Then, I used a sponge dipped in ink to add a little interest to the plain white cardstock.

+ Attach a yellow belly band to a blue card base; add two silver brads for interest.

+ Add a red scrap; offset the white stamped piece atop.

Paisley Happy Card

This card always gets a lot of compliments, and looks great in whatever colorways you choose. The photo doesn't even do it justice (especially sideways...)

+I use versamark to stamp a polka-dot background stamp on the orchid card base

+ three white rectangles get stamped with the paisley stamp in Staz-on

+color in the paisley with markers

+attach white to black matte; ensure to leave space between to ensure drama!

+ attach black to celery matte

+wrap triple thick matte white ribbon; purple on this card; add two little off-centre bows for detail
+ stick everything to card base!

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