Friday, November 20, 2009

Emergency Rooms, Ebony Stain and Epiphanies

Yesterday was long and stressful, but oddly enough, still mildly productive!

+I left work around 11 am, when I was notified that Cory had been admitted to the Emergency Room. He had been feeling "off" for the past 2 days, so I wasn't surprised. However, I was surprised to find him keeled over in pain, lying on the floor at the hospital!

After many blood tests, xrays, and urine samples, they diagnosed him with gastroenteritis, and told him to keep an eye on the pain, which could indicate appendicitis!

Thankfully, it didn't get worse. But, it hasn't gotten better, and he's still in quite a bit of pain. But at least we know what's wrong!

When we got home, he slept and I decided to get some work done in the office. My big stationery order came in this week (I'll share photos of what I got tonight... but here's a peek at one item I got). The invites are all addressed and just waiting for some postage, so they can get put in the mail!

+I started a bit of a workspace clean-up, so that I can get started on some Christmas projects! Which inspired me to start working on a Christmas scrapbook. My plan was to get the pages all done up, and layouts selected, so that afterwards, I could just print the photos, crop and stick...... Unfortunately, an epiphany of myself wanting to add the pictures, and then realizing I HATED this pre-done scrapbook, cause that's just not how I roll. Which brought me to the realization that while I like to plan ahead, doing scrapbook pages before I've even taken the photos, is not my cup of tea.

When I design a page, I like to pull from the colors in the photo, and really draw for the mood or feeling in the photo. I'm far less about having a matchy-matchy album, with coordinating papers throughout the whole thing, than I am about creating layouts that really capture the feeling and memory associated with the photo.... so I decided to put the thing away.

+Instead, I turned my attention to adding another coat of Ebony stain to the coffee table. However, by then, it was getting late, and it was starting to get very, very cold in the garage. So, I threw on a coat, and after wiping off the first area, realized that the stain needed to sit for much longer... probably due to the cold. So I decided to leave it over night - hopefully that will help! It's looking really great!! There's a gorgeous walnut-look to it now (at least when it's wet...), so I am hoping it will keep developing to look similar to our floors!
Today - I have an appointment with my trainer at 7pm, and my mom might be coming into town. I've also got a pedicure tomorrow to look forward to. whoo hoo!!
Enjoy your weekend!

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