Monday, September 14, 2009


Well, this weekend was chock full for sure! Unfortunately, that means I didn't get all the things on my list done. But that's bound to happen when life throws new stuff at you, so I just rolled with it, and didn't let it get me down.

Friday - I spent on the couch. Reading a new book: "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella. I like a nice, easy read and these books are great. I'll review it after I've completed it this week!

Saturday - while Cory was out and about, I cleaned the house and headed out for a few party essentials, as it was SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY NIGHT!! The party went off really well, and had a great turn out! He was incredibly surprised! Thanks to Jarrett & Ashley for corraling all our friends and organizing one big, sneak arrival thru the basement door! He had no clue and was in total shock!!
Unfortunately, the downside of having a party, is the aftermath..... there was a bit of an incident, but I'll post more on that tomorrow, in it's own post (stay tuned)

Sunday - due to Saturday's accident, plans changed drastically, and we spent the day running around for a saving grace! We also got some shopping done, and we now have a (temporary) sanity saver window treatment for the dining room patio doors - look for that on Wednesday!

Cory's super busy at work for the next little while at work and will be starting the 2nd job pretty soon, so I'll be on my own a lot. I've stocked up on library books, craft supplies and have a ton of projects planned! Hopefully, I can "busy" my alone time away.

Today: a mini workout, a long walk, cleaning the office, 2nd attempt at "the incident", some new knitting needles to try out, and maybe some crafty goodness!

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