Sunday, September 6, 2009

Next Project - A preview

Since we've finally finished the closet project, we talked last night about the next project: the coffee table transformation (there are also 2 matching end tables, in a different room).
Cory said he's most likely start on the work this week! YAY!

If you've been reading for a while, you might remember that we got these tables back in the spring:

Our well-off friend was giving them away when he moved into a new house. After much thought, I took them, realizing their potential.
Thankfully, the coffee table was perfect for our new space.... except for the color!
For the meantime, I've made do, by toning down the wood tone, simply by covering it up:
I simply took an old art piece I made last year and lay in on the shelf under the glass top. Somehow, it managed to be the perfect size!! (everyone has commented on it, thinking I bought the table with it!!!)
But my plan was always to stain them darker, to match the rest of our home.
Here's the color we're thinking, Minwax Ebony:

Stay tuned for progress on this project!

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