Friday, September 25, 2009

busy bee!

It's been ultra-busy around here... mind you, I wouldn't necessarily say "productive..." just busy.

Wednesday, was our 2 year anniversary, and we went to La Ronde - the very cool revolving resturant here in the city. It was a really neat experience. However, far too pricey a dinner for me to want to go there again. However, my entree was amazing!

Here are some shots of us at dinner, and the gorgeous scenery... (mind you, it's very hard to take photos out a curved window, when there are lights inside and out....)

After dinner, we were both stuffed, so nothing else got accomplished! But here's a peek at the 5 minute card I made him: NOT my best work for sure... but it was quick and dirty, and he's a guy, so I kept it simple.

Thursday - I had a craving for exercise on the way home (weird - I know!!), so we promptly went for a nice rollerblade. I think we're gonna try and keep this idea up (today wasn't a good day for this though..) After that, I got a little more knitting on my new scarf done, as I checked out most of the new Season Premieres that we had recording on the PVR. Everything was good so far - this is definetly the must-see tv night!!!

Here's a peek at what my scarf looks like so far. That's one small ball of yarn. I stopped when I ran out, and hope to continue tonight, if I can find the proper ball of yarn in the craft room. I really wanted a nice, chunky scarf, but may have under-estimated what it would look like - it's a little TOO THICK. Oh well, it'll keep me warm for sure!!

Note: Cory has already asked me for a scarf, a skull cap and mittens, which is weird because he doesn't really wear that stuff... guess I have to keep going with this....

Today: Our friends Chris & Kailie are now officially engaged, so Congrats to them!! Cory is heading out tonight for some congratulatory drinks, so I will use the time to get working on a project for the weekend: greeting cards!

My "little sister" Rebecca and I are meeting on Sunday for our usual outing. She asked if it was possible to make some cards, as she has quite a few October birthdays. I said I would design a bunch of cards, and she could stamp her heart out!! I'm gonna do up samples tonight. I might post them, I might wait til Sunday to reveal them. We'll see...

Other than that, it's going to be a quiet night, but I plan to get much done this weekend - starting off with some pick-ups (hopefully) happening tomorrow morning. I posted a bunch of stuff I want to get rid of, online last weekend. I managed to get bites on a few, and am gonna keep posting them till everything is GONE!!!

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