Wednesday, September 16, 2009

carpet conundrum or ketchup chips and beer

Remember how I said I would post about the party "accident" on tuesday? And then there was no word about it yesterday? That's because it wasn't quite finished... But I figured I'd share the details anyhow. :

So yeah, the party went off without a hitch! Yay!

However, just after we escorted the last person out the door and had started to put things away, my brother called me to come upstairs (he had a bit to drink, so I offered up the guest room and he graciously accepted).
Right away, I knew something bad had happened. When I got upstairs, my fear was validated!

Martin had been sleeping, and felt the urge to purge. Not familiar with the space, we couldn't find the garbage can, so he made a run for it.... Unfortunately, standing up made it worse and he threw up right there on the floor. Then again in the hall to the washroom! Then again in the washroom!

I'll spare you the photos, but I'd like you to picture something: his stomach contents included lots of beer and a bag of ketchup chips! Yeah that's right- what you are envisioning is foamy bright pink stains on my cream berber!

I was not impressed! But, you can't really be mad at someone for being sick... So I grabbed dark towels and emptied a bottle of carpet cleaner.
Unfortunately, it was almost 3am, so I let it be for the night.

The next day I headed over to dad's and borrowed his carpet cleaner. I was pretty happy with it, when it was all said and done. It took 4 water refills and I was pretty air I'd gotten it all out.

When I checked a day later, I realized I had not! So I ran another 2 water loads over the stains.

I am going to check them tonight and hopefully the stains are gone. But, I am taking solace in the fact that as long as the dirty water is still coming out a bit pink, there's still hope of getting it out for good!

If after the weekend, it's still bad, I'll get a professional in to do it!

Anyone else have horror stories involving stains? Please share! Anyone have a secret tip or trick for stains, let me know!

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