Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, I had fully intended on having a BEFORE and AFTER shot of the completed Closet Organizer Project... but alas, as is always the case, this project is taking far longer than expected. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research about the pieces that I bought, and forwhatever reason, didn't assume that what was already IN the wall, were anchors. Not just screws.

Plus, in an effort to do a project correctly, we decided to rip all the old stuff out, and fill, patch and paint things now, instead of when we move and need to sell the place :) So, here's a progress shot, to let you know how things are going.....

Just kidding, it's looking great!! Essentially, we could have finished it all tonight and filled 'er back up! But in the effort to preserve our clothes and do a good job, we're letting things dry properly!

So we managed to get the old shelf from my side of the closet raised and installed. Plus, we're just giving the patch job some time to cure, so it can be sanded and painted tomorrow. Then, it will be easy-peasy to install the remaining two shelves. A little clean-up, and we'll be back in business.

In the meantime, my clothes have been relocated to the office closet. Cory has taken over the bed in the guestroom. Plus, the floor in our bedroom is covered in every accessory imaginable!! There are shoe racks, upon shoe racks of shoes! Purses, scarves and belts surround the perimeter of our bed!! I sure hope neither of us need to get up in the middle of the night, or there will be trouble!
In addition, I actually managed to get a couple loads of laundry done, charge my ipod, downlad my weekend pics, reply to a casual job posting, and I went thru all my shoes from the closet. I hope to sell quite a few pairs that have yet to be worn!!
Tonight: we Cory is going to finish sanding and painting the patched wall in the closet. Then all we need is to hang the last two shelves!
I've gotta start on that birthday surprise, and get crafting!
Plus, I'm gonna go thru my clothes before I put them back in the closet and see what else I can get rid of!
I've got a walk planned, and lots of other good stuff! Stay tuned!

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