Friday, September 11, 2009

weekend warrior

I took a week off from blogging. Mostly, I just didn't have much to say, and partially, I ran out of time.

Cory has been working very long hours lately, so he hasn't been able to get started on the coffee table project. :( My mom was also in town Wednesday, so that took up an evening for me. We found out that Cory got hired part-time at Rona , so he will be starting that this weekend as well!! Then, he had to help out a buddy who he owes some serious favors to ( Thanks Ryan!) with his landscaping for his new house.....

So, instead of moping about what I wasn't getting done, I decided to GET stuff done instead! I cleaned the house last weekend. Pretty thoroughly actually, organizing and cleaning out individual drawers and closets etc. I even got together another little pile of stuff to give away.

Plus, I have decided to stop holding on to things I'm not actually using. I can be an impulse buyer, and often have things sitting around the never get used/worn and often sit for weeks months years in my house with the price tags still on!! Time to change that. I am wasting my money!! So, I've decided to sell some of this stuff! I have a lot of clothes, and craft stuff that could find a new home.

I guess taking a week off was good, cause now I have a whole list of stuff to try and tackle this weekend:

1. I am hoping to take some time this weekend and take photos, and create listings for a bunch of stuff that can hopefully clear room in the house, and fatten up my bank account :)

2. In a glimmer of a creative spark, during a shopping trip with my mom, I remembered I wanted to pick up new (fatter) knitting needles, to hopefully help me out with the re-learning.... I have yet to try them, but with the cool fall weather, I am eager to get at least 1 scarf done before I throw in the towel!

3. I started downloading all the photos I've taken since I got a digital camera way back!! (No, I have not printed photos since then... except a couple crappy home prints for crappy projects). However, I am interrupted by cory so I need to finish downlaoding and deciding which to print. I'd like to work on a collection/book for our anniversary at the end of the month, but I think I might be too time-constricted!

4. I took a little look at my greeting card inventory (finally) and really have to start stocking back up! I'm still torn as to whether or not to start selling them again, as I find I lose interest when it is for business rather than pleasure.. we'll see!

5. I'm throwing Cory a surprise birthday party tomorrow night!! He has no idea, and since his birthday was last weekend, and everyone was out of town for the long weekend, and he had to work.... I really think he will be sooo shocked!! HAHA Got you babe!

6. I have a slew of home decor ideas brewing in my head, that I probably should get out a pen and paper and make a list, and re-itemize them. It might be a while before he gets started on some (with the 2nd job and all) and I'd still like to complete some things!!

7. I have three bags full of fall bulbs to get planted while the weather is still nice. Unfortunately, our landscaping (the front) was not completed by the builder yet, so I am afraid they'll be starting their lives in pots this year, and possibly will be transplanted once we have garden beds to move them to! (pretty pics to come)

8. I would like to hit up a flea market or antique mall, as I have been seeing a ton of great re-worked pieces on other blogs lately, and am feeling inspired! I really have no space for any new furniture right now, but it would still be fun to browse around and see what possibilities I would have.....

9. I stopped at the library last night ( but didn't go to the good one, so need to make another stop tonight ) I hope to start up the book review I had on my last blog, and share with you, some new reads!!

** There's a lot of ideas and brainstorming happening in my head right now, and Cory's busy, so I promise to get back on at home and update, and load pics and all that jazz. I might even have multiple posts each day... you never kow ;)

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Rebecca said...

Thats great your man got a job at Rona!! That means discounts on stuff for your home!!! Sweeeeet!!
Good luck with the surprise party!! I threw one once for my sister so I KNOW how hard those are to pull off!