Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ensuite Bathroom

Hmmm... I just realized today that not only have I taken very little pictures of the furnished new house... but I certainly haven't posted much (other than my powder room and some living room pics).
I'm beginning to think that was because I've been seeing so many other bloggers beautiful spaces, that I've been embarassed by my own.... :(
But not really, I love our place, and know that despite having $0 to spend on new stuff right now... I'm working with what I've got, and as we get time/money/gifts.... this place will end up exactly as I want it!!

However, as I was cleaning today, I realized it might be a good time to show off what I do have so far....

So, without further ado... here's our Master Ensuite bath:

This photo most accurately displays the wall color, and the color of the vanity, which is the same throughout our house.

I am so glad that our exisiting shower curtain worked so well in this space!! I love it!!
The only thing I feel I am missing, is something for above the toilet... whether that's a piece of art, or a cabinet, or a shelf.... I'm not sure... Any ideas???

While I'm not a huge fan of displaying my toiletries, these glass Apothecary jars ( from Ikea ) are the perfect solution for storing these everyday items. Since they are white, they don't look ugly sitting out!

Why am I showing this weird shot? One, to point out the over-the-door hooks (Umbra) that we use to store our bathrobes on. Two, to show you the door profile we chose in the house ( we get a lot of comments on it!!)

The lighting isn't AWFUL.... but it is builder spec... However since we won't be here forever, I wasn't too interested in spending a fortune for something I LOVED!

Lastly, a nice little detail shot of a little basket that holds facecloths (usually it's nice and neat, but there are some cloths missing... )

So, that's it? That's where I get ready in the morning!! It's a bright little room that is fresh, clean and cheerful!! It's by no means that spa bathroom of my dreams.... but it's an ensuite, and it gets the job done.
Any thoughts, questions, ideas or suggestions for me??? Please, I'd like to hear from you!

Especially, if you have an idea of what I should do with the wall above the toilet!!

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Dani said...

I know your house is new...but do you happen to know where those bathroom tiles are from? Or if they are ceramic or peel-and-stick? I really like them!