Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cleaning House The Office

Cory is hard at work today... and so am I!

I decided to clean the house and what I really wanted to tackle was a little bit of my office.

Unfortunately, this room has been lacking some attention since we moved in, and things were shoved into the closet and haven't been looked at since.

When we started packing before we moved, I decided it was time to get rid of some stuff, and I've gathered lots of it together today, and started listing it online.

So far, my listings include some shoes (sizes 6 & 7) - most have never been worn!!
As well, some of my old stamp sets, from when I used to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!!

I figure there's no reason in keeping things I am certainly not using, so I'm putting them out there to find new homes!

While I'm on the topic of making room, I might as well mention that Kal over at Love Life is also having an online garage sale, so if you're looking for some great art, head on over there, while it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

** We have one of her prints hanging in our house!!*

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