Tuesday, September 22, 2009

keeping it real

Guess who started a little craft project last night?

Yay! That would be ME! It felt nice to get back to creating. But a little weird because the substrate is a newer one for me, and I'm trying desperately to be good with it! YARN!

While putting something away in the gift closet, I spied a ball of yarn in the most amazing color combo, and suddenly decided that I had to re-learn to knit immediately!

I grabbed the knitting needles I bought last week (best spur of the moment purchase ever) and grabbed my books.

I've decided to go with a really simple long, chunky scarf. I went with a simple knit stitch as the yarn is kinda crazy, and a texture would really just get lost.

I'm a slow knitter, so this might take a while but I am determined to finish this one. Mostly, because I saw the most amazing purple yarn at walmart last time that would look gorgeous, but I refuse to buy it until I am finished with all the yarn I have now!

I didn't get a pic of my scarf so far, as I got engrossed in watching TV as I knit. But I will snatch one tonight for you.

What else? I may have some people coming by to purchase some of my old stamp arts tonight. I have the supplies and another neat little project waiting to get started this week as well (possibly inspired by Elise Blaha... We'll see how it turns out before I mention that though )

I also have a craft date this weekend to prepare for. As a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I am a mentor for a 14 year old girl, Rebecca. We try and meet every Sunday and do something new.

This weekend, we're slated to make some birthday cards, as she has a few birthday parties to attend. So I'll be busy this week, designing projects suitable for teens!

I've also started my get healthy, get fit plan and am eating healthier, eating less and being more active! Hopefully, I can keep that ball rolling.

Today: I have to hit the bank, get some gas, organize the stamp sets going out to new homes and find something fancy to wear for a very special dinner tomorrow night!

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