Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another bathroom post....

No, not that kind...

I figured since I had shared my powder room and the master bath with you so far, might as well show you the 3rd bathroom in our house ( a 4th to come next year, when we finish the basement). We also have a "Main Bath" at the top of the stairs, which mostly functions as the bathroom for the guest room.

I guess since they're small, they are often the first rooms finished in a house. Also, since we're on a tight budget, I didn't buy one new thing for this one, just used what we already had!!

Here's a peek:

It's interesting to see how different items in a room, can greatly effect the way the paint looks. The wall color here, is the same as throughout our house: Antique Sterling by ICI paints. It looks a lot less blue here, than it does in most of the other rooms!

The artwork in this room is really simple, just three small black and white framed prints of New York landmarks, that I got years ago at Walmart.

The shower curtain is the one aspect I was really unsure about.... it was Cory's (brand new) from his bachelor days. It's a taupey waffle weave and was pretty expensive. I hung it "for now" after we moved, until I found something I liked. Initially, we both thought it looked "off" but it seems to work ok now. If I happen to come across something I must have, I'll snatch it up. Till then, this works!

The towels were a grea find a few years ago at Sears. Not only are they super soft - but they have the three colors I feature every where: chocolate brown, cream and turquoise blue!!
**There is a fluffy chocolate bath mat underfoot as well!!

I love the countertop in this bathroom. It looks so warm, and chic! The towel is a cream version of the chocolate bath towels and all the sink in here always SPARKLES!!

Since the bathroom is small, I keep tchotckes to a minimum, in here's it's just a simple gold tealight lantern ( perfect for adding a little ambiance at parties), and an Essenza reed oil diffuser! We have quite a few of these around the house, and this scent is so rich and warm - perfect for the space!

Last but not least, a detail shot of the beautiful kleenex box in here! No, i don't buy individual kleenex boxes for the room, I buy a multi-pack (cause I'm cheap), but I always try and pick ones from the pack that fit best in each room. This room was some much more warm and masculine compared to the house, but thankfully this box was the perfect touch!! It's hard to tell but it's all leaves, and rocks! In fact, it's so perfect, when it's empty, I'm gonna stuff a new box inside it!!

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