Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well that's just GARBAGE!!

A few months back, you may remember that Ms. Pacman broke in our house. Ms. Pacman is out garbage can. Or should I say MY garbage can. I bought her a few years back,when I was single and fell in love.

Unfortunately, she broke and for the last little while we have been stuffing a garbage bag in the pantry, just carlessly on the floor. It's not always good as sometimes we forget to close the pantry door and sometimes the cats get into it, if there is anything of interest for them.

I was initially really sad, given what I paid for her back then, when I had no money lol. But then realized, that she really didn't work in our new space and kinda stuck out like a sore thumb. She did however, look infamously cool in our old apartment....

So while we were out this past weekend, we decided to have a look at Home Outfitters for a new one, since we knew they had lots ( I surprised Trish and Kev) with one two years ago when they got married.

HOLY CRAP!!! Are those things ever expensive!! I knew I paid a fair bit for those, but it was a gift, and she was my BFF at the time, so I justified it. Plus I think I signed up for the store credit card that day and I think I saved like 50% my purchases for the day, just by doing that!

They did indeed have tons of different sizes and styles for us to choose from. Unfortunately they were in the $100- 250 price range!!! WTF???

FOR A GARBAGE CAN???!!! That seemed a little ridiculus to us, and so we left, empty handed... Well not exactly, Cory bought an egg cooker thing to make his eggs round and perfect for breakfast sandwiches... but I digress.

So now I am on the hunt for a cost-appropriate garbage can, prefereably in stainless steel to match the rest of our stuff. If anyone has any suggestions, please volunteer them!!

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