Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seasonal Decor

Despite what the weather outside is telling me, fall is in the air. Truth be told, I am a fan of fall. Something about the crisp weather and the beautiful leaves that makes me just want to have a great long walk outside, and then curl up in front of the fire under a warm blanket, reading a good book. aaaaahhhh!!!

Anyhow, despite being a lover of fall (it's also my birthday season) I am not typically a fan of the colors associated with the season. Nope, you won't find any reds, oranges, yellows in my home. Brown is the exception cause it's a neutral. As well, I've never been the type to change my home decor with the season. But the pictures I found today, inspired me to maybe try a little something this year to make my "cool-toned" home more Fall Cozy.

This room is great, as it truly shows how to use all neutral pieces and change the feel of the room using accessories. So cozy looking...

OOOHH... PUMPKIN PIE!! These chairs are beautiful. Ivory would look nice too, but wouldn't have nearly quite the same POP or feel!!

I used to buy real gourds every year, but they go soft and mouldy after sometime lol, so that can get costly. This year I bought artificial ones, but these candles are also cute and create great ambiance.

Love white pieces and these holders look so sharp against a dark wood mantle!

I have a soft spot for firewood in a beautiful container. Unfortunately, our current home has a gas fireplace, but I could always put a leather basket with some beautiful birch logs in it, for show....

Love the look of these twiggy hurricanes. Mind, campy faux bois makes me smile. Probably due to the fact that growing up, my parents had faux wood panelling on their van. :)

All above images are courtesy of Pottery Barn

I fell in big-time love after seeing them on another blog I read.

The pair my love of white pieces and fall in one happy piece of pie. Plus, since we have such dark furniture in our place, the white would look amazing!

These greyish hued baskets are the perfect thing to hold fantastic mini-gourds or the mounds of fake Autumn leaves I picked up. What a great idea to create a modern cornacoupia (horn of plenty) for our sideboard!!

These "gears" aren't at all holiday-themed but the wood just seemed to fit with everything else, and the more masculine look of this decorative piece is something different than what we typically have in our place

Last three images courtesy of Williams Sonoma Home

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lygal said...

I like the cranberry and tan LR but not the leather foot stool