Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brownstone Lovin'

This pretty little Brownstone caught my eye when it was featured in Traditional Home

Wouldn't you love to have front doors that look like these?? My only problem?? No actual foyer... I would prefer not to open up directly into my living area.

However, this "living room" probably doesn't see much living and I am sure there is a more oft-used great/family room somewhere else. I love the mix of new neutral furnishings, with older pieces with more character (the armoire).

I love the way this kitchen looks!! The dining room is in a great spot - because of the wall of windows opening onto the back deck!!

I would love to sign up for the option of his and hers bathrooms in MY home!!!! Cory and I are always bumping into one another, plus then he would be responsible for cleaning his own, and there would be no arguments over who caused what mess...

This office/den looks so cozy. I would love to have a room like this. However, I think I would probably spend too much time napping on the sofa, than working :)

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