Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alternate Vases

When we moved, I packed up a ton of vases, I thought holy cow, do I ever have a lot of these.....

However, anytime I get flowers, I always struggle with finding a vase to display them in. Most of mine are short and narrow, and just never really look right.

Perhaps I am not arranging the flowers right, but they never quite look as pretty as some of these:

Ranunculous tied together in a teacup
A terracotta planter holds anemone, sweet pea and hyacinth

A glass decanter and matching goblet is a perfect vessel for these parrot tulips

A vintage creamer looks sweet when stuffed with hyacinth, lavender muscari and blue gentians

A vintage rice bowl is re-purposed to house these daffoldils

For less formal bouquets, these vintage goblets and tumblers hold icelandic poppies and viburnum.

Got a collection of old tins and canisters? As long as the look is cohesive, the sweet peas will look amazing!

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