Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chinoiserie Room

When I first saw this room, I was like " uhhh.. no!! this is way too much!!". However, upcom further inspection, I realized that I liked about 90% of what this room is made up of. I guess in theory, one really should fill their home with things they love. But do you think there is a line to be drawn on how much of it you should put in a room at the same time?

I do commend this person for bucking tradition and just going with what they love.

Check out the blue patent leather dining chairs in the left corner - love em!

What I love: the blue, the beautiful white tree mural, the lamps ( I have a similar pair in my bedroom); the zebra stools at the end of the bed , white linens!!

This dressing area makes me happy. And scares me way less than the whole room did!

(all images - Traditional Home)

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